We are often asked questions like:

  • Who owns my Divio Cloud site?
  • Can a django CMS site be hosted elsewhere?
  • Will I be locked-in to the Divio Cloud service?

The answer is: You will never find yourself locked into Divio Cloud. This is a key promise built into our product.

As much as we want to host your projects, we want you to stay with us because you want to, not because you can't leave.

Divio Cloud has been designed to make moving off the platform, with all your data, applications and files, not just possible, but easy and convenient.

You can pull down the entire site to your own computer with a single command. You can also pull databases, media files and so on separately.

Divio Cloud sites are built with free open-source software - Python, Django, django CMS and many other free applications. You can run them where you like. 

You're free to leave any time, and you'll find it very easy to take everything with you.

Redeployment elsewhere

Divio's architecture makes it even easier to redeploy elsewhere. 

Your entire Divio Cloud site is available as a Docker container, that can be deployed anywhere that Docker is available (including your own desktop) with a minimum of effort.

If you don't want to use Docker, you'll still have a very standard Django project that you can put into production on another platform or server.

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