Divio Shell Required

Your Divio Cloud project is a Git repository.

This has many advantages:

  • fine-grained revision control
  • excellent collaboration opportunities
  • easy export and replication

The Divio App application uses Git behind the scenes to push and pull changes when you Upload and Download your project code.

Using Git manually

You can also use Git manually from the command-line while working to the same effect. Just treat the project as a standard Git repository, and push and pull as you would normally.

Push your changes to the Cloud

If you have made some local changes and want to push (i.e. upload) them to the Cloud, the basics steps you need are:

  • git status  to see the changed files
  • git add <file1> <file2>   (etc) to stage the changes (alternatively, you can do git add .  to stage everything)
  • git status to make sure everything has been staged
  • git commit -m "Updated templates" to commit the changes
  • git push origin develop  to push your local changes to the origin (i.e. our server)

Pull changes from the Cloud

  • git pull 

Excluded directories

Note that a number of directories are excluded (using .gitgignore) from the project:

  •  .env - the project's virtualenv, for software installed using  pip 
  •  data - temporary file storage. 
  •  static_collected - processed static files
  •  node_modules- for frontend frameworks
  •  .env-local 
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