In short

Sometimes our users are puzzled by references to something called Aldryn

Don't worry about it - for Aldryn, just read Divio.

The explanation

In fact it's just an older name for Divio.

The name lives on internally, including in code and the names of various addons. For example, you'll find a number of Addons called things like Aldryn Django and Aldryn Disqus. One particularly visible example is in the URLs of your Divio projects, for example:

Changing such names now would cause a degree of inconvenience that would outweigh any benefits, so for the time being at least, you'll continue to see Aldryn in various places.

Eventually, you'll see the name less and less, but until then, it just means: Divio.

Aldryn was named in honour of Buzz Aldrin, the astronaut.

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