In the Dashboard for your project, you'll find a link to logs for both Test and Live servers (if they've been deployed):

Recent logs will be shown for your servers, including application messages and errors. The aim is to help you debugging recent issues with our deployments or if the site is throwing an error.

Currently logs are limited to the last 1000 logged rows. All activity will be logged, including web requests, cron job executions, Celery workers and SSH sessions.

Custom logging

Sometimes you want to browse logs past the 1000 entries limit. For this you need to setup your own logging tools.

The easiest way is to enable Sentry for Django projects by providing the SENTRY_DSN as an environment variable. This is automatically integrated with Aldryn Django.

You can also integrate other tools of your choice such as or which offer free tier plans to get started.

To integrate, look for their Python/Django integrations and then apply the required settings to your file.

  • Installation instructions for logdna
  • Installation instructions for loggly
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