Our NGiNX Boilerplate gives you a barebones environment for web services. NGiNX is a lightweight and powerful web server, which can be used to serve applications, as well as function as a reverse proxy, load balancer or HTTP cache.


To create a new project with NGiNX:

  • Log in to the Divio Cloud Control Panel. 
  • Select Add > Project, with the following options:
  • Platform: No Platform
  • Type: NGiNX
  • Boilerplate: Default

Local Development

Setting up a project locally is very easy and fast, the only commands you need to run a project are:

  • divio project setup PROJECT_NAME 
  • divio project run PROJECT_NAME 

You can install the Divio CLI by downloading the Divio App.


For further information on using NGINX please consult the official NGINX documentation.

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