Our next goal is to setup our blog. Let’s return to the local site to continue working there.

Hit the Blog link in the navigation bar.

Click on the Edit button in the navigation to change back to Edit Mode. Choose Page in the django CMS toolbar and then select Advanced settings...

Django CMS allows you to add Django applications to your CMS. On the Advanced Settings page, scroll down to the dropdown called Application and select NewsBlog

Then, click Save on the bottom right and publish the page.

You’ll notice that this page is pretty empty and not yet properly setup with our theme. 

Before we start editing the template, let’s add two example blog posts so we have some content to work with. 

  1. Click on the Create button in the CMS toolbar and choose New news/blog article. Then hit Next.
  2. Enter a title and some content of your choice, then hit Create.
  3. Repeat steps 1) and 2) to create a second blog post.

The last step is to publish your blog posts. Simply edit each entry and make sure the Is published checkbox is selected.

You can open an overview of all your blog article by clicking on News & Blog in the toolbar followed by Article List... Scroll to the right and make sure all articles are published.

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