The Divio App for Linux is a helper application for developers and provides useful functionality for working locally with Divio Cloud projects. 

It helps manage various aspects of the Docker environment, including setting up projects and starting and shutting down containers.

Beta release note

The Divio App for Linux is currently released in a beta version, and continues to be developed. Your feedback is invaluable to us, and will help us improve it. Please don't hesitate to report any problems you encounter or improvements you can suggest.


You need to install three components:

  • the Divio App
  • Docker Compose
  • Docker Engine

Divio App

Download the Divio App. The latest version can always be obtained from our website.

The downloaded file is an AppImage (an executable installer) and can be launched by double-clicking. You may need to make the file executable.

Docker Engine

Install Docker Engine, following the Docker Engine installation steps provided for your Linux distribution.

Important: after installation, you must follow Docker's post-installation steps. In particular, see the notes about adding my user to the docker  group, which can otherwise cause a "Divio App Error during environment check". 

Docker Compose

Install Docker Compose, following the steps in the Docker Compose installation guide.

Launch the Divio App

When you first launch the Divio App, you will be asked to log in and complete some basic configuration, including the location for your local projects.

Log in with the access token

The simplest way to log in is to allow the Divio App to open the Control Panel so you may retrieve your Access Token and paste it into the App.

Ready to go

You are now ready to start using the Divio App to manage Docker projects locally.

Go on to read our general guide to Using the Divio App.

As noted above, the Divio App for Linux is still in a beta release. We value your feedback very much so that we can continue to improve it.

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