You can start a free Developer subscription for any Divio project. The Developer plan is ideal for:

  • small personal projects
  • exploring the platform and discovering its features and capabilities
  • working on a project until you are ready go live under a paid subscription

The Developer plan includes a rich set of features, to make it as useful as possible. For example you can launch a live project with it, including your own domains. 

Developer plans can run indefinitely - there is no time limit on the subscription.

Developer plan limitations

The only limitations of the plan are:

  • after 30 minutes inactivity, the Live container will sleep (there will be a short delay for the first new connection after this period)
  • some additional services cannot be selected
  • technical support is strictly limited


Developers will find introductory tutorials, how-to guides and a great deal of other information in the Divio Developer Handbook. You will also find many guides to using the Divio platform here in our Support Centre. Finally, Stack Overflow has a growing community of users and answers to questions.

Upgrading to a paid plan

Later, you may find that your project has outgrown the Developer plan. 

In that case, one of our official Divio Partner agencies will be able to provide you with a paid Divio subscription that meets your needs. 

Please don't hesitate to get in touch with us so that we can help set you up with the right Partner for you.

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