If your project uses Cloudflare CDN caching, you can clear it as required via our Control Panel. Please note that this is only available if: 

  • your project uses Cloudflare's CDN
  • the Cloudflare CDN was set up by Divio, and not independently

To clear the cache for a domain on your project, go to its Domains view. Select the domain for which you need to clear the cache. The cache will be cleared within a few minutes, and you will see a Success message in the Dashboard.


Cache-clearing is performed on domains, and applies to all other sub-domains under the same domain.

For example, if you choose to clear the cache on www.example.com or example.com , it will apply to both of those domains, as well as support.example.com , resources.example.com and so on.

However, it will not apply to example.it  or any other domains.

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