Divio Cloud takes the pain out of the installation and configuration of your projects.

Frontend components

Whatever the Python/Django components you use in a project, you will often want to use the same frontend tools and frameworks.

A boilerplate allows you to define these, so that for each new project you can choose to have the same frontend components installed and set up the way you prefer.

A boilerplate can be as simple as having a preferred set of templates and CSS available (our HTML5 boilerplate is a good example of this), but it can also include the installation of sophisticated runtime Node components.

Other components

As well as frontend components, you can use boilerplates to define other project-level components and processes that you will want to use in multiple projects.

Custom boilerplates

Defining your own boilerplates is straightforward, and can save you a lot of time if you work with multiple projects.

See our Developer Handbook for more:

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