On Divio, each project has a single owner, who may have many projects.


Personal projects cannot be shared. However, placing a project in an organisation allows it to be shared with other collaborators - users who are in the same organisation.

Collaborators may belong to multiple organisations.

You can invite new collaborators via the Collaborators tab. The new collaborator will receive an invitation to join your organisation. Until they accept, their invitation will remain in a pending status.

If the collaborator you invite does not have a Divio account, they will have the option to create one. The email address you use to invite a collaborator must match their account email address.

Collaborator types

A collaborator in an organisation can be:

  • Owner - maintains full control over the organisation
  • Admins - have access to all the projects in an organisation, and can also manage other collaborators,  as well as invite new ones.
  • Non-admin collaborators - will not have access to other projects in the organisation until they are explicitly given access, via the project’s Collaborators menu.


An organisation is free to create, and you may add as many collaborators as you need.

Collaboration examples

You want to add a new user to an organisation. Invite them to the organisation that the project belongs to.

You have multiple sites, and want to give a member of your team (i.e. your organisation) access to one of them so they can work on it. On the project’s collaboration tab enable their access. Revoke their access when the work is complete.

You need to enable a member of your team to manage an organisation. Enable their admin status for that organisation.

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