Divio Cloud lets you share your custom Addons with others, by making them publicly available on marketplace.django-cms.org. Doing this will give you greater visibility as a Django developer, and can help others improve their own django CMS projects.

Read more on how to use Addons in your Divio Cloud Projects.

Until you decide to publish it, the Addon is private and available for your websites only. If you decide to publish it, others can use your Addon for their own projects.

Please note that publication is irreversible. Once you choose to publish an Addon on the Marketplace, you cannot make it private again. We strongly recommend that you make sure that your Addon is fully functional and that you have the right to share it in this way.

To get started, go to the General Settings of your Addon and enable publication. Save your settings when you are ready.

Please choose a license from the provided list. A License is required for publication.

A good Description that helps users understand what this software is for and what it does is essential for a successful Addon.

Either provide a Repository URL, a Project URL or a PyPi URL to link your project so the users can find your package.

Please double check these sections in the General Settings to make sure they reflect your Addon as accurately as possible.

Promoting Your Addon

Optionally to promote your Addon, select the Promotional information section, where you can upload:

  • a 440x280 promo image
  • a 1400x560 marquee image
  • up to four 1280x1024 large screenshots
  • a Video URL, if you have a tutorial or explanatory video for your Addon.

Don’t forget to save your settings once your uploads are ready.

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