The django CMS Marketplace is an ideal showcase for freelancers who want to present their django CMS skills and work to potential customers and collaborators, and generate new leads. Registering for the django CMS Marketplace means you can be promoted on and be seen by over a quarter million people.  

Getting yourself listed is simply a matter of providing some information about what you do, and what you've done with django CMS.

 1. Log in to the Divio Control Panel or sign up for a free account.

2. Choose your Personal account from the Context Menu.

3. Select  Profile from the Navigation Bar.


Provide some general information

  1. Upload your logo.
  2. Optionally provide a contact e-mail address, to be used on your Profile for the "Hire Me" button. Note that the address will be publicly accessible.
  3. Describe yourself - provide as many details as you like, in the Description box.
  4. Save your settings.

Add locations

To allow your potential customers to get to know your organisation better, you can add the locations where your activity takes place.

1. Select the Location 

2. Hit the Add Company Address

3. Input your location:  

4. Hit Add when you are ready to finalise your settings.

Your location will now be listed. If you would like to edit or remove it later on, simply go back to Profile > Locations and choose one of the options associated to your location. 

Provide additional information

  1. Select the Additional Information.
  2. Tell us about your organisation’s experience with UX, Design, Frontend or Backend Development.
  3. Add tags that you would like to associate with your profile. These will help potential customers find you more easily. Use commas to separate your tags.
  4. Select the year you began working in these field.
  5. Add your Twitter handle. 
  6. Save your settings. 

View your profile on the Marketplace

Now that you added all your information, you can visit your profile on the Marketplace by clicking the "Publish Profile" link and then "View Profile" in the right side bar. 

: Changes can take up to 5 minutes to show up on the Marketplace.

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