We created design guidelines to help your Addon to be featured in the django CMS Marketplace homepage.

Follow these steps to create your own design

  1. Download any Photoshop template from the gallery below
  2. Depending on the template you choose, add the name of your Addon plus additional information or screenshots 
  3. Select "Save for web" in Adobe Photoshop and choose png/jpg format

If you have already added your Addon to the Marketplace go to the Control Panel and select the Promotional information section, where you can upload your designs. If you want to add your Addon to the Marketplace follow the tutorial here.


Choose Template A to add simple text and description to your Addon.

Download Template A


Choose Template B if you have an icon for your Addon.  

Download Template B


Choose Template C if you have some screenshots of your Addon. 

Download Template C

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