Responsive design

The Explorer theme is based on django CMS Boilerplate Bootstrap 3, which gives you a site with an advanced and complete frontend framework.

It's fully responsive so will work just as well on a mobile phone as on a large display. Try changing the width of your browser window to see how it responds.

Example content

The site includes a number of pages and examples of useful Divio Cloud functionality for you to explore, including ablog, widgets and forms.

This demo only includes the News & Blog and People applications. You'll find more applications when you launch a Divio Django CMS Explorer site.

Multiple languages

Just like any Django project, the CMS supports a wide range of different languages.

In this example, some pages of the Explorer site, such as the home page, are available in German as well as English.

CMS Toolbar

The disclosure triangle at the top right of the page hides and shows the toolbar.

Aldryn News & Blog

For this step we need to go to the blog section - so go to the blog now.

The Explorer site includes the Aldryn News & Blog application, with plenty of content in it. When on any page that's created by this application, the toolbar will also offer some useful management options for it.

Content Wizard

The content creation wizard is the quickest and easiest way to add new content to a project.

Select Create from the toolbar, and the wizard will take you through some simple steps.

Afterwards you can continue making changes by double-clicking to edit the text.

Explore plugins

As well as text, you can add all kinds of plugins to your pages. Switch to structure mode to edit existing content, and drop a new plugin into one of the placeholders.

Switch back to content mode to see your changes.

Checkout the open source GitHub repository of the Explorer Theme.

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