People often want to know whether there's a theme store for django CMS, like the ones that are available for WordPress or Drupal.

There isn't, mainly because there doesn't need to be.

One of the features of django CMS, built into it as a design principle from its earliest days, is that it should be able to accommodate absolutely any design and frontend interface or architecture.

That includes any frontend frameworks for CSS and JavaScript, which could include complex, fully-featured creations such as Bootstrap and jQuery, or your own custom-developed frontend code. There are literally no restrictions.

The way Django and django CMS work also make it particularly easy to incorporate all the Django functionality into a site's templates - in many cases, simply by dropping  a few basic Django template tags into a single base template for the site.

This means that applying a theme to a site is typically an extremely quick and easy job, and is not something that requires special themes specific to django CMS to be developed.

There are thousands upon thousands of themes available, many of them free and open-source, that can very quickly be integrated into django CMS sites - there's no need to rely only on ones specific to django CMS.

See our tutorial How to Build a Website and Blog with django CMS, Without Knowing Python/Django. This shows how quickly a theme can be built into a django CMS project.

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