You’ll often need to include files, such as image files, PDFs and so on, in your content management work. Django Filer, which is one of the core applications built into Divio Cloud, is an ideal way to store, retrieve and manage these files.

Add a new file or image to the Filer

If a suitable file does not already exist in the Filer, you can add a new one.

Visit the Django admin, by choosing Administration... from the Site menu in the toolbar.

Find the Filer application, and open a folder (create one if it doesn't exist).

Hit the Upload button

Chose a file - or multiple files - from your local drive. After a few moments for processing, they will appear in your folder.

You can select a file and then perform operations such as Delete, Copy and Cut on it.

Re-use a file from the Filer

When you use a plugin in the CMS or another application that allows you to select a file from the Filer, the Add File 

button will take you to a view of folders in the Filer.

Find the image or file that you want to use, and select it using the Insert icon

Quick insertion of files

If you want to upload a file quickly you can also do so from some dialogs in the CMS interface.

Simply drag the file onto the rectangle and it will be placed into your content.

It will also be add to the Filer for you, in the Unfiled files folder.

This is suitable for files that you don't expect to need to use again.

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