Page Types allow you to reuse content and/or plugins in new pages, leaving the page type template untouched. Page Types are accessible only to content editors, not to site visitors.

  1. Add a new page and populate it with content and plugins. These will serve as a template for your page type.
  2. Go to the Page menu and select Save as Page Type.
  3. Name your page type.
  4. Save your settings.

Your new Page Type will be available with the Add Page command and the Create wizard dialog. 

Using Page Types

Now that your Page Type is ready, you can use it when you want to add a new page to your website. Just select it from the dropdown to have it ready.

Hit Create when you are ready to add your new page.

More information is available in the Page Types documentation

Editing and Deleting Page Types

You can edit and delete Page Types just like any other page. In the list of pages, you'll find the Page Types at the bottom. You can edit, view, delete any page type you have created.

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