django CMS is a content management system written in Django; in fact, the best known and most popular Django-based CMS.

Many thousands of sites use django CMS, including some very well-known ones - it's used by Ubuntu, NASA, PBS, National Geographic, just to name a few.

django CMS and WordPress are both open-source content management systems.

They are aimed at different needs though. WordPress is a simple CMS that is  easy to install and deploy, and you can get started with it very quickly. It is not however suitable for more demanding applications.

Advantages of django CMS over WordPress

django CMS has some key advantages over WordPress.

The main advantages that django CMS offers are:

  • security: django CMS is  built in Python and Django so it is very secure and reliable (a number of banks, organisations that require maximum web security, use django CMS)
  • extensibility: custom web applications can easily be integrated into django CMS
  • longevity: a django CMS site will be smoothly extendable and upgradable many, many years into the future

Divio Cloud makes django CMS as easy to get started with as WordPress - you don't need any Django or Python development experience to deploy and manage your sites. Divio Accounts include a free live site.

There's a live demo of django CMS that you can try out for yourself instantly:

Of course you can also download django CMS and try it locally or on your own server.

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