Divio  is designed to make exporting your website from our platform as easy as possible, so that you are never locked in.

In the Divio Control Panel you can download an image of your current database. Select your project you want to export, then go to the Backups section. Here you can download (and restore) your database and other project-related data.

Before you create a new database backup, save all outstanding changes on the test or live server that you want to be included, then hit the Test data or Live data buttons.

Once you see a message reporting that the backup has been created successfully, refresh the Backups page, where the new backup will now appear.

Hit the blue Download button. This will download a file called "backup.tar".

The downloaded backup file can be expanded, and contains:

  • a SQL database.dump file of the database
  • a compressed archive of the media files
  • metadata files describing the project
  • in the boilerplate directory, the entire Docker-based project, that you can use to recreate by deploying on your own Docker host.
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