We offer private Git hosting as standard for all Divio Cloud projects - but now you can also use an external Git service, such as GitHub or GitLab.

External Git hosting is fully integrated into the Divio Cloud workflow and gives you even more flexibility to develop your projects in the way you prefer.

You can set up new projects with external Git hosting at project creation time, or migrate existing projects at any time.

Our private Git server

Our private Git hosting is standard and will always be available. By default, your projects are already configured and ready to use with the server.

The server is fully integrated into the Divio deployment system.

External Git hosting services

You may prefer to use an external Git service in order to make use of its code review, merge and other features.

In this case you can set up the external Git host for the project:

  • at project creation time, by selecting the Custom Git hosting option
  • later, by selecting the Repository view in your project's Dashboard

In either case, the Control Panel will guide you though the steps required to configure the external repository.

See also: Set up external Git hosting in our developer documentation.

More information

See also: How to use Git to manage your project.

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