The Divio app

Download the Divio app from our website.

When you launch the app, it will install or update required components and configure them as needed.

It will also guide you through the setting up the application.

The Divio Shell

The environment includes the Divio Shell, for when you need command line access.

Click the Divio Shell button in the bottom-left of the Divio App

This will launch a shell in the environment in which all the developer tools you need (Docker, Git, the Divio CLI) are all available and configured:

You're now in a Docker environment, ready to start interacting with your project.

Working in the local environment

See our Developer Handbook for more. It includes:

and other guides to get you started.

Setting up the Divio environment manually

You can also set up the Divio local development environment by hand, so that it runs independently of the Divio Shell. This is suitable only for more experienced users. In short:

  • Download and install Docker for your operating system.
  • pip install divio-cli  to install the Divio CLI.
  • Run divio login so that you can reach your account via the Divio CLI.
  • Ensure that your public key is uploaded to the Control Panel, so that you are able to authenticate with Git.
  • Ensure that you have an up-to-date version of the Git client installed.

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