Please note that you can only use your own domain with a Live server. Your Test server will use Divio's predefined URL.

Use a DNS provider

In order to use a custom domain with Divio, you will need to configure the DNS for your domain. We currently do not offer hosted DNS, so if your domain registrar does not offer DNS, you will need to use a third party service such as

Add a domain to your project

  1. In the Divio Control Panel, select your project.
  2. Select Domain Settings in the menu.
  3. Hit the Add domain button to add a custom domain.
  4. Enter the name of your domain and save your settings. You can use either a root domain (e.g. or a subdomain. (e.g. or

Configuring DNS

After you have added your domain, the Control Panel will display some suggested DNS configuration values and report whether it has been configured correctly.

Automated checks

After a check fails, the domain will be checked every 15 minutes until a correct set-up is detected. After a check finds it correct, checks will take place every 24 hours.

Adding a root domain

For a root domain (also known as a naked domain), they will include a suitable ALIAS configuration, and A records as an alternative.

We strongly recommend using ALIAS records over A records.

Adding a subdomain

For a subdomain, only CNAMEs will be listed. 

Multiple domains

You need an entry in the Divio Control Panel for each domain, including subdomains, at which you want your site to be available. An entry for will not automatically enable

If you want to serve your site at both and you will need to add each to the Control Panel, and configure your DNS appropriately.


If you have multiple domains you will most likely want them to redirect to the primary domain. To set this, for each secondary domain in the control panel, select the Enable redirect option. 

See also: our technical documentation for redirects on our Developer Handbook.

Using the Control Panel's suggestions

Divio simply provides a suggestion of values to use. Even if you accept them, you will still need to enter them appropriately

Most DNS control panels will require you to enter the type of record, the name and the value into separate fields. Even in those that allow you to edit zone files, you will not be able simply to paste in the suggested values.

Your DNS provider will be able to give advice in how to implement these settings.

If you are using DNSimple, a how to configure DNS with DNSimple will help make this task quicker, easier and more reliable. 

Using A records

Some DNS providers don't support ALIAS records.

In this case, for a root domain, use the IP addresses suggested by the Control Panel in an A record. As the Control Panel suggests, these addresses could change in the future. However, changes will be rare, and announced well in advance.

Multiple projects on a root domain

You can if you wish run multiple Divio Cloud projects that are associated with the same root domain. For example, you might have one project serving a site at, another at and another at

That's fine - all you need to do is ensure that each has the appropriate domain or subdomain set in the Control Panel.

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