The Test site of a project is private, and only:

  • its owner
  • collaborators in the organisation it belongs to

will be able to see it.

Sometimes however you will want to share it with other people. For example, you may be building a site for a client, and wish to show the client your work so far.

The Test server provides a secret URL that you can share. Only users with that URL will be able to view the site. Copy the Shareable link in the Test Server pane of your project's dashboard, and send it to the person you want to share the site with.

Note that the visitor will not be able to log into the site as an editor, and will only be able to view content that is published or has no additional restrictions placed on it.

To share the site with someone else so that they can work on it too, you should add them as a collaborator on the project.

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