Dashboard sections

The main Dashboard Screen - This is where you can see your server information for both your Test and Live server. This is also where you can deploy any of these servers.

The Activity Stream - This is where you can find all of the actions taken on your current project; as well as the user who performed it. It is very similar to a log or a GitHub commits list, for example.

Under General Settings you can configure the general preferences of your project, such as the release channel, language or Boilerplates.

The Sharing Settings Section is where you can find your project collaborators and  manage your project sharing preferences.

The Domain Settings section is where you can set your own top-level domain from which you would prefer to access your website.

Live Settings is where you can configure your live server. Here is where you can customize your server RAM, disk space or transfer. This is also the section where you will be able to see any costs associated to the server-related changes you make. 

Manage Addons is the section where you can install, configure or remove any Divio Addons associated to your website project. The Addons provide extra features that help improve your website

Under the Manage Project section, you can perform several different actions related to your project, such as backing up or restoring your databases and files, duplicating, deleting or transferring the project to a different organisation,

Local Development is where you can find a list of available command lines that you can use along with the Divio Desktop App when developing your website. 

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