The three kinds of sharing described in this document are with:

  • Collaborators - with partial or full access to your Divio Control Panel and CMS
  • CMS-only users - Django users with restricted access to the CMS
  • Visitors - any user

See also Learn more about user roles on Divio Cloud.

Sharing with Collaborators

In the project you'd like to share, select Collaborators from the menu.       

The Collaborators section of your project sharing settings will display a list of active collaborators on this project. You will not be able to add any new Collaborators from here -  you can only view or adjust their access permissions.

Collaborators who do not have administrator rights will not automatically gain access to your project, unless you grant it. Use the toggle switch associated to the collaborator to enable or restrict access. Please note that Collaborators with administrator rights cannot be removed from projects.

Sharing with CMS-only users

All projects

Add Django users (i.e. CMS editors) through the Django Admin interface (/admin/auth in most projects).

Older projects only

For projects created before 20/07/2016, under the CMS-only users section, you will find a list of users with whom you shared your project.

Here you can add your users’ email addresses. Be sure to choose whether you would like to provide access to both the test server and live server or only to one of them.

Hit Send invitations when you are ready. Once your invitations have been sent, you will see your new user in the list, along with a visual snapshot of their access permissions and account status. You have the option to remove the account or resend the invitation as well.

Sharing your test site with visitors

To share your test site with no access to any management tools, copy the Shareable link in the Test Server pane of your project's dashboard.

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