Add new project

In the Control Panel, hitting Add new project opens the project creation page. This contains three options:


Start a new project from scratch.


Send us code, database and media for an existing project, and we can import it into our cloud platform on your behalf.

Depending on the complexity of your site and the hosting plan you choose, we may be able to waive any charge for the import process. Feel free to submit your import request and discuss it with us.


Create a copy based on an existing project.

This is an excellent way of working with a standard project that you base other projects on. Having set it all up, you can simply spawn a duplicate at will and implement any changes.

Duplicate/fork this project

In an existing project's General Settings, you will find an option to replicate it: Duplicate/fork this project.

Once you have selected the option, you will have two choices:


Maintains the Git history of the source project. This allows you for example to merge back the new changes into the source project.


Creates a project with a new Git History.

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