1. Collaborators are paid-for additional users who have access to your Divio Control Panel as well as the CMS.
  2. Typically, they’ll be your front-end or backend developers and project managers.
  3. You can choose what level of access permissions your Collaborators will have.
  4. Your projects start with two collaborators, but more can be added by upgrading your organisation subscription.
  5. Collaborators are divided into two permission levels:
  • Regular users - Have access to projects across the organisation.
  • Administrators - Can also manage the organisation itself.

CMS-only users

  1. Add unlimited CMS-only users for free, from within your Django CMS website or Divio Control Panel.  
  2. They can be content editors and managers and have access to the content management system, but not to the Divio Control Panel.
  3. You can determine exactly what they are able to access. 

Note: For projects created after 20/07/2016, Django users (e.g. CMS content editors) may only be added through the Django Admin interface. This option will still be available in the Divio Control Panel for projects created prior to this date. 

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