A collaborative workflow is one of the key benefits of using Divio Cloud.

Typically, web professionals work with others on projects in a number of different ways:

  • in different roles: project managers, designers, developers, content creators
  • at different times in the project lifecycle: creation, handover, maintenance¬†
  • in different relationships: site owner, creative agency, freelancer

... and so on.

Divio Cloud's Organisations feature has been designed to make this workflow smoother by making it possible for projects to be placed into different organisations, with different collaborators, at different times.

Collaborators can be added to and removed from organisations as required.

In order for other users to have access to a project as collaborators, a project will need to belong to an organisation. 

Personal projects cannot be shared with collaborators. However, they can be shared with as many CMS-only users as required, through the project's Django admin.

See Understanding Divio user types for more on the difference between Collaborators and CMS-only users.

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