Note: For projects created after 20/07/2016, Django users (e.g. CMS content editors) may only be added through the Django Admin interface. This option will still be available in the Divio Control Panel for projects created prior to this date. This article applies to projects created prior to 20/07/2016.

Inviting CMS-only Users

1. Make sure that your Context Menu is set to the appropriate account or organisation.

2. Select Projects in the top navigation bar and choose the project to which you would like to add CMS-only users.

3. Select Collaborators from the project menu

4. Under the CMS-only users section, add your user’s email address. Choose whether they should have access to both the test server and live server or only to one of them.

5. Hit Send invitations when you are ready.

Once your invitations have been sent, you will see your new users in the list, along with a visual indication of their access permissions and account status. You also have the option to remove the accounts or resend the invitations.

Note: Sending an invitation will not automatically create an Divio account for your new user. If the user does not already have an account, they will need to sign up when accepting the invite.

Accepting a CMS user invitation

Once an admin sends a CMS user invitation, an email will be sent notifying you that a website project has been shared with you through Divio. You will be advised to click a link to accept the invite.

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