django CMS Sass Boilerplate provides an entry point, showcasing how to configure Node and Sass to run automatically on Divio Cloud using the default gulp build command. It uses HTML partials from the HTML5 Boilerplate including normalize.css as an example for Sass compilation.

It is aimed for developers who want to get started with Sass, Gulp and Node. The simple setup includes sourcemap generation, minification, autoprefixer and error handling.


You can install this boilerplate by choosing "Add new Project" while being logged in to the Divio Cloud. The following options need to be selected:

  • Create a "New" project
  • Choose a region that fits you
  • Select either "Python 2.7.x" or "Python 3.x"
  • Choose "django CMS" as Type

After that you have a selection of boilerplates, in this case you want to select: "Sass".


You can find the source code on our GitHub repository.

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