Subscriptions can be changed - upgraded, downgraded or cancelled - at will.


You'll need to change the settings for each Live site you have.

  • Select Live settings for the project you want to change, and check your current settings.
  • Hit Change live settings, select the plan you want, and then Save.
  • Note: You will need to redeploy your site for the changes to take effect.


The charges you pay for collaborators are simply determined by the number of collaborators you have.

  • Select the Organisation you want to manage.
  • Select Collaborators from the menu.
  • To keep your fees to a minimum, remove any Collaborators that are not required.


When you downgrade your subscriptions, even to a Free plan, your Test and Live sites will continue to run. Your code, files and database will all be safe and untouched, and the project can be upgraded again to a new plan at any time.

Divio Cloud's pricing system has more information about how billing works.

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