Set up your project on the Divio Cloud

Log in

Visit the Divio Cloud Control Panel to sign in. Create a new account (it's free) if you don't already have one.

Create a project

Each website is a project. Hit Add a new project. Select your new project type and configuration and the Create project.

Deploy the Test server

In the Control Panel, hit Deploy to launch the Test server. This is your private staging server.

Set up your project locally

Set up the Divio app

You can work on Divio Cloud projects locally. We use wholly standard tools: Docker, Git and so on, and if you're familiar with them you'll be completely at home and can use the commands you already know. 

You don't have to be familiar with any of these tools however. Our Divio app provides the ideal way to interact with your local and cloud projects, without needing to know how to set up or interact with these components.

Download the Divio app (for Macintosh, Linux and Windows) and launch it. It will guide you through the set-up process and install components such as Docker.

Set up your project locally

Once this has completed, you'll be able to set up the project you created on the Divio Cloud. Select the project, and hit Set up. This will build the project locally, just like deploying it in the Divio Cloud Control Panel.

Start the local server

When the Set-up process is complete, hit Start, to launch the server.

Hit the eye icon in the Local Server pane of the Divio app to open it in your web browser.

Develop your project locally

Hit the folder icon in the Local Server pane of the Divio app to open your project's files. You'll find the project's templates folder there. Make some simple changes, and see their effects by refreshing the page in your browser. 

Pushing and pulling changes

Once you're satisfied, you can upload these changes to your Test Server running on the Divio Cloud. To do that, hit the Upload button in the Divio app.

Your changes will be pushed to the Cloud. To see them in effect, hit Deploy on the Test server. The server will redeploy with your changes.

If you make changes on the Cloud, you can pull them down by hitting Download. To see them in effect locally, select Rebuild from the Download button menu in the Local Server pane.

Where to go next

The steps above describe the full cycle of operations for developers using Divio Cloud projects. Of course, the example above is greatly simplified - a real world project would involve much more complex operations, especially in the development stage.

Join an online tour or help session

  • Divio Cloud and django CMS Guided Tour Tuesdays, 5pm CEST / 11am Eastern / 8am Pacific - a live session demonstrating all the basics of the Divio Cloud to create, launch, configure and theme a real project
  • Couch Coding sessions Wednesdays, 6pm CEST / 12pm Eastern / 9am Pacific - get help with your technical questions on the Divio Cloud platform

Further documentation

Our support site contains documentation covering the Divio Cloud. A search for the information you need will usually find it. Some you may find immediately useful include:


If you'd like an in-depth step-by-step guide, our tutorial takes you through all of the above steps (and a lot more) in detail. It's tried and tested and will give you a through introduction.

How-to guides


Getting further help

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